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Surfing - a sport for the bold, brave, courageous, dedicated and romantic, for those who are not afraid to conquer the watery element, to fly to the crest of a wave, to sink into the abyss and then rise again catching a new wind power. Our company not only offers for rent different surfboards but also provides surfing training basics for beginners.

Tailwind and good waves!




How to choose a surfboard?


1,5 m (4'9) - 2,10 m (6'9)

Designed for experienced surfers. Shortbord is short and narrow board, characterized by its technicality: aggressive, high-performance and maneuverability.


1,90 m (6'2) - 2,20 m (7'2)

Designed for progressive and / or surfers good level of preparation. The length of such boards from 1.90 to 2.20 m, width - 49-52 cm Suitable for all waves, perfectly combining the agility and stability.


2,20 m (7'2) - 2,60 m (8'5)

Minimalibu is the most adapted for beginners board. Their length, width and volume allows for minimal conditions very quickly feel the wave.
Вы оцените их комфорт и простоту в начале каждой волны.


2.74 m (9 ') and more

Introduced in the 60s, longbord is a very broad and very stable board. Ideal for small waves, it requires a good command of technique to go from line-up (the line formed by the outgoing wave) and the implementation of the first turn.